Cheese Club


Barrys Bay “Year of Cheese” Club

Indulge in a few of your favourite cheeses throughout the year without having to leave the house!

Barrys Bay Cheese makes over 20 different cheeses, handcrafted from local Banks Peninsula milk and using traditional methods. Our quarterly, Year of Cheese Club makes it easy for members to try each of these delicious cheeses, delivered right to your door! For $200/year (including postage and packaging), you or a friend will receive a special delivery of Barrys Bay Cheese filled with our latest or tastiest creations.

Each delivery of 5 cheeses, which will arrive quarterly, is shipped to your home or office, whichever is more likely to have someone there to receive it! Your delivery will include different cheeses, ranging from our most popular classics to our exclusive seasonal flavours as they are available, such as our 3 Boys Oyster Stout Cheddar. Your first delivery of cheese comes with a Laguiole Cheese Knife and a Barrys Bay Cloth Cheese Bag to keep your cheese fresh in the fridge. This way you are prepped and ready for your Year of Cheese!

When you order, please specify if you would like your first delivery to be sent at the time of the order or at the next delivery date. The following deliveries will be sent on the Monday closest to the 1st of the delivery months, and the contents are subject to change.

Delivery Dates:

February 1st | May 1st | August 1st | November 1st

First Delivery:

Laguiole Cheese Knife & Cheese Cloth Bag
Maasdam 125g
Peppered Havarti 140g
Canterbury Red 140g
Coldsmoked Appletree Cheddar 110g
Wainui Special Vintage Cheddar 165g

Second Delivery:

Aged Gouda 125g
Gouda 125g
Aged Edam 125g
Edam 125g
Aged Maasdam 125g

Third Delivery:

Havarti 140g
Chilli Gouda 125g
Onawe Cheddar 140g
3 Boys Oyster Stout Cheddar 140g
Coldsmoked Pohutukawa Red 110g

Fourth Delivery:

Gruyere 125g
Cheshire 140g
Port Cooper 140g
Wood Smoke 140g
Coldsmoked Manuka Havarti 110g

To subscribe to our Year of Cheese Club, order below.

Please contact [email protected] with any further questions